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Gangster No. 1 Gangster No. 1 at The Internet Movie Database Gangster No. 1
Soundtrack(s): Dolby Digital
Aspect Ratio(s): 1.85:1
Video Type: Anamorphic Widescreen
Video Signal: PAL
Discs: 1
Region Coding: Region 2
Purchase Date: February 6. 2003
(3 years 8 months 23 days ago)
Supplier: Gigantti
"Fascinating" (The Hollywood Reporter), and "sensational" (Los Angeles Times) this bold, innovative thriller chronicles the bloody, single minded climb of a barbarous crime lord to power. Starring Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange), Paul Bettany (A Beautiful Mind), David Thewlis (Naked) and Saffron Burrows (Deep Blue Sea), Gangster No. 1 enters the psyche of an unrepentant mobster... and reveals the madman within.


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