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Heroes Of Telemark Heroes Of Telemark at The Internet Movie Database Heroes Of Telemark
Soundtrack(s): Dolby Surround
Aspect Ratio(s): 2.35:1
Video Type: Letterboxed Widescreen
Video Signal: PAL
Discs: 1
Region Coding: Region 2
Purchase Date: -N/A-
Supplier: Anttila
Based on a true story. Norwegian resistance fighters sabotage the Nazi German effort to produce heavy water for German atomic research during World War Two. Breathtaking snowy Norwegian locations serve as a beautiful backdrop for the plot. Kirk Douglas superbly plays the role of a Norwegian physics professor who, though originally content to wait out the war, is soon pulled heart and soul into the struggle. Though somewhat toned down from the book of the same name (The Germans were much nastier in the printed version), the spirit of the conflict is accurately portrayed without the superhuman fiction that is found in other war movies of the 1960's. As a bit of trivia, Kirk Douglas accepted a starring role in this movie as a favor to Director Anthony Mann. Anthony Mann was the original director for SPARTACUS before he was replaced by Stanley Kubrick.


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