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Meet The Feebles Meet The Feebles at The Internet Movie Database Meet The Feebles
Soundtrack(s): Dolby Surround
Aspect Ratio(s): 1.33:1
Video Type: Full Frame or Open Matte
Video Signal: PAL
Discs: 1
Region Coding: Region 2
Purchase Date: December 5. 2002
(3 years 10 months 24 days ago)
Supplier: Gigantti
Like Jim Henson's Muppet movies, Meet the Feebles is a film starring an entire cast of puppets. However, in Meet the Feebles, Peter Jackson takes the concept of the cute puppet movie and stands on its ear. The story is set in a run-down theatre in the sleaziest part of town. This is the home of the "Feebles Variety Show," a second-rate show with a third-rate producer and no-rate performers. The producer, a cigar-chomping walrus called Bletch, finally has a chance to crack the big time. Tonight's performance is to be televised live, and if it rates well, the Feebles will get their own syndicated series. Bletch has his characters that make up the Feebles company. When you've got an incompetent, panic stricken fox as director, a rabbit in the throes of V.D. as MC, a junkie, knife-throwing frog and a rat who makes pornos in the basement with cows and cockroaches, you know it ain't gonna be easy. Things get worse for Bletch when a drug deal he sets up with a psychotic boar turns nasty and a war with Mr Big the Whale, the undisputed king of the underwaterworld, ensues. But Bletch's biggest problem is with his long time lover, Heidi the Hippo, who has been replaced in the show with his new mistress, a Siamese pussy named Samantha. Heidi, her mental balance totally destroyed, is about to make an unannounced entrance center stage. Hell hath no fury like a scorned hippo with a machine gun...


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