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July 9. 2006


Nyt voit vuokrata Navetoriumin kaikkine palveluineen!

Lisätietoja: http://navetorium.fi

Construction, August 7th 2001

Bigger image (53.6 KB) Overview to the theatre. Photo has been taken at the exact position, where the entrance will be located.

Sideview of the frontwall Bigger image (46.4 KB) Construction of the frontwall has been started by "digging" a ditch to the floor.

Samu points the location of the entrance.

Bigger image (54.9 KB) Now, this is a fine picture about the leftwall. There will be a window which is going to be a little higher than the old hole on the wall.

Bigger image (78.5 KB) The backwall.

Sideview of the backwall Bigger image (56.2 KB) This is a sideview of the backwall.

Backside view of the backwall Bigger image (50.9 KB) Backside view of the backwall...

Backside view of the backwall Bigger image (55.9 KB) ... amd another one.

Bigger image (66.3 KB) Skeleton of the rightwall.

Floor Bigger image (56.6 KB) Here you may see the architecture of the floor. The floor is made by using concrete arches and the insulation material is chop of a wood cutter and dry hay. Now, this is the style of the early 50's, which has worked fine last 50 years! I'm planning to leave that stuff there and just going to add some new insulation on the top of the old one. Maybe it will work just fine. We'll see...

Kiti-Bastard Bigger image (59.7 KB) This is my cat, which I call "Kiti-Bastard". Name is very precise...

Kiti-Bastard Bigger image (61.8 KB) And there he is. Again.
We have a "love-hate" -relationship.

Bigger image (35.9 KB) Mikko is being hammered.

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