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Latest DVD purchase

July 9. 2006


Nyt voit vuokrata Navetoriumin kaikkine palveluineen!

Lisätietoja: http://navetorium.fi

Photos: Construction, July 1st - 11th 2002

Before seats Bigger image (40.9 KB) Risers for the seats.

Bigger image (43.7 KB) Walls are painted and carpet is in place.

Bigger image (37.3 KB)

Cutting acoustic panels Bigger image (41.6 KB) Cutting acoustic panels.

Ceiling Bigger image (31.2 KB) Acoustic panels in place.

Bigger image (30.6 KB) Only 4 panels to go...

Bigger image (39.3 KB) Ceiling is made from 30mm thich acoustic panels. Don't let this picture fool you, the color of those panels is black.

Bigger image (41.5 KB) Seats are being installed...

Seats are in place Bigger image (40.6 KB) ... and done!

Beams are lit! Bigger image (33.8 KB) Beams are lit!
Notice the table for my projector, quite huge, huh? Why this big? Take a look a specs for a 8 inch or 9 inch Barco. Some space needed... Well, I do not yet have one of those monsters, but don't make a mistake about it, I have enough room to house one! =)

Cables Bigger image (38.6 KB) Cables are being made.

Bigger image (30.5 KB) Connectors for speakers. One XLR for active monitor and one SPEAK-ON for passive monitor. And one plug for electricity (on top). There are total of 13 of these around my theater.

Set of Genelec speakers Bigger image (31.2 KB) A few Genelec speakers. Thanks to Genelec for borrowing these monitors!
What we had:
-5x Genelec 1030's (From Vesku)
-3x Genelec 1031's (From Genelec)
-3x Genelec 1032's (From Genelec)
-1 Genelec 7071A Sub (From Genelec)
-1 Velodyne 15 HGS sub (From Vesku)

The speech Bigger image (25.8 KB) It's the premiere night! (July 12th) I'm with the speech. Look at that smile on my face! =) It's maybe the heat (around +31 celsius) or the refreshments...

Audience Bigger image (38.3 KB) Some of the premiere night audience.

The speech Bigger image (25.8 KB) This picture is quite crappy, sorry about that.

Bigger image (40.4 KB) Speech is over. Time to cool down at the outside. After that, opening movie: "Moulin Rouge".

Bigger image (40.7 KB) A gift from my friend Janne Turku. There is a can of RedBull and a bottle of Absolut Vodka behind bars! Those bars are welded and the material is acid proof steel! Think about it: So close but so far at the same time... =(
I might need some heavy-duty tools some day. ;)

Bigger image (27.7 KB)

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