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July 9. 2006


Nyt voit vuokrata Navetoriumin kaikkine palveluineen!

Lisätietoja: http://navetorium.fi

Photos: Construction, Maelstrom subwoofer, june-july 2003

Drilling holes Bigger image (64.5 KB) My friend, Lasse Rissanen, is drilling holes for the screws.

Some pieces Bigger image (66.1 KB) Front panel of the sub and the three sheets of plywood for strengthening the structure.

Bigger image (56.4 KB) Glueing the sheets together.

Bigger image (57.1 KB) Glueing the sheets together.

Smoothing Bigger image (75.1 KB) Smoothing the surfaces. There is a screw about every two inches... It's like a solid rock!

Smoothing Bigger image (81.1 KB) Smoothing the surfaces.

Bigger image (48.7 KB) Mikko is installing Adire Audio's Maelstrom driver. 18 inches and 1000w power handling capacity! The box is vented to 23hz.

Bigger image (41.3 KB) Black paint had been applyed and now the speaker is finished and ready to rumble! (sorry about the dark picture)

Finished subwoofer Bigger image (48.0 KB) To get the idea about the dimensions: That is a box of matches on the top of the sub. Now I have two of these monsters! :) The dimensions are:
  • 120cm (4ft) wide
  • 60cm (2ft) deep
  • 60cm (2ft) high

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