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Latest DVD purchase

June 2. 2002

DVD Weekend, July 6-9 2000

The Viking hails the crowd and wishes welcome.

Theatre overview.

Notice the "Episode 1" Laserdisc!

The hardware.

Rel Storm Subwoofer on the left and Infinity RS12 subwoofer behind the Genelec 1029A. (Rear center speaker of matrixed 6.1 system)

Jamo System One THX subwoofer, Genelec 1029A Active Monitor and JPW MiniMonitor speaker

God bless the inventor of remote control!

Beer is good.

Two programmers and one "Admaster".

The backside. Yamaha DSP AX1 6.1 on the top.

Jamo System One vs. Genelec x 6.

Right rear speakers. JPW, Jamo and Genelec.



What what what!?!? Is it a real cellphone?

"Me so horny!"

DVDExpress sent this magnificent aeroplane. Now it's sitting in a tree.

Would you buy a hometheatre from this guy?

Velodyne subwoofer on the porch. Delivering some sweet music to our ears. Worth of 127 db!

Some microwave popcorn. Thanks to Taffel.

Who cares, it's so tasty afterall!

This weekend ..

.. has warped..

.. my fragile little mind!

THX Certified Lawn. With the DTS sound!

The lawnmover stoods still after a minor engine failure due the reckless user. Notice the "improved" logos. Good bye lawn...

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