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July 9. 2006


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Featured Title of the Month - July 2004

Mystic River (r1)

Now here is a movie about which I knew a very little before seeing it. Just sometimes some titles keeps on dodging me, this one being a perfect sample about that.

Before seeing this Oscar winning masterpiece, directed by Clint "Go ahead, make my day" Eastwood, only I knew about it was these three key actors of the movie. Sean Penn, the one actor which keeps puzzling me. He is a really good actor, but there is something which I don't understand. Very hard to explain. Altough he is quite convincing for being a tortured father after his doughter being murdered in a brutal way. Penn creates a person which is remarkably human but in a way, very flawed man.

An opposite is a character acted by my one of the favourite actors, Tim Robbins. The character of Robbins is middle-aged man with a childs mind trapped inside a tortured grown up mind. After being kidnapped as a young boy from the crowd of three, including an amazing Kevin Bacon, Robbins character Dave Boyle is being held in a cellar for days and sexually molested by these two kidnappers. Dave's psyche got bruised for good and never recoved from that trauma.

As the rage builds up after his doughter being murdered, Penn's character Jimmy Markum starts to do some his own investigation over detective played by Bacon. These three grown up men have been best friend before Dave Boyle's kidnapping at the age of 11, but after that, the lives of all three never recovered to that same level.

The story and it's buildup is something which can be hardly found today. In a way, it's simple and not too complex, but the question of doubt about some certain things keeps the viewer in it's thight grip. I'll have to say, Clint Eastwood knows what he is doing and those two Academy Awards for Penn and Robbins are rightfully earned.

The movie is presented in 2.35:1 aspect ratio with an anamorphic transfer. The picture is clean and sharp, color tones are occasionally remarkably vivid and rich - excellent work! Soundtrack is Dolby Digital 5.1 without too much of a effects but it does justice to the story.

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