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July 9. 2006


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Featured Title of the Month - November 2004

The Office (r1)
The Office

Reviewed by Timo Sipari.

How do I start?
Well, "The Office", could be easily categorized as a comedy, which it isn't entirely. The biggest difference to traditional comedy, or what ever you'll call it, is that sometimes the moments are not only embarrassing, but too much to see. Totally unwatchable. Even when the whole situation is happening on the screen, you the viewer, are living in the moment with the characters, well at least, I am.

The power of this series, is the characterizing, which has been done superbly. The whole idea in the first place, was to get a group of people, some pro actors but many of no actual previous professional acting experience. I would imagine how risqué that must have been, for Ricky Gervais (Actor/Director of The Office) and to Stephen Merchant (Actor/Director of The Office), who actually started the whole series from scratch, all they had was their ideas of a screenplay and their enthusiasm. That must be the reason why The Office has been so successful after series of two seasons, six episodes each and two episode Christmas Special.

The Office

The storyline and the people are very believable, mainly because they are not previously seen on TV and the atmosphere is so believable, without exaggerated "usual office environment" which you may find in some comedy TV series today. Also, because the style of story telling is mainly a mockumentary, it is easy to believe the characters and the environment they are in. The characters in this series are something I've not seen for a while. They are actually not typical stereotypes, but there are some little details, which are so extremely funny. But there is a catch, you must have been working in an office, like I've been for years now, to understand and point them out. But a little warning here, once you see them, the reaction can be quite spontaneous. Be sure not to drink or eat anything while watching this show, or at least try to be alone when doing so!

The show revolves around David Brent, the boss from hell, who wants to be everyone's favourite, by trying to be the funniest guy there could be - an entertainer before boss. Also, there are a few characters, which are kind of leading characters on the show, every one of them more hilarious than the other. For example, Keith, an obese mid-thirties accountant, which isn't too talkative, but the very little which he says, usually gets me cracking up big time - a perfect 10 on his role. You'll have to see this to believe!

Remember back at '99, when the Office Space, directed by Mike Judge, was released? If you recall to be enjoying it, well, here we go. You simply cannot pass this one!

The Office at Amazon.com

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