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October 3rd, 2001

Project: Overview

Current status:

(Updated October 3rd.)

Construction in progress
New pictures added!

Timo Sipari

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Project Location:

Europe, Finland. 15 kilometers from city of Lappeenranta and 20 kilometers from the border of Russia.

The project:


An old cow shed, made early 50's, unused since 1984. There is some 30 meters (100 ft) long and 9 meters (30 ft) wide unused space at the attic. What I'm going to do, is a real, dedicated hometheater, with no compromises.

Here is a view to the cow shed from the outside:


How all this began:

I had my enlightenment during our DVD Weekend, last summer. My friend, Vesa Kylmälä, said to me: "Why won't you make a REAL hometheater to the attic of that old cow shed?". That was it. I had it! Finally someone had said it loud and clear. My weird idea wasn't that weird after all.

Anyway, the project started May 26th, this year. First phase was to get rid of all the junk, stored at the attic. Fortunately, I have a few friends, DVD enthusiasts (DVDFREAX?), who helped me to do the hard labor of carrying out all kinds of useless crap.

Hometheater size:

  • Width: 9 meters (30 ft)
  • Length: 11 meters (37 ft)
  • Height: Between 1,9 meters (6,3 ft) to 3,5 meters (11,6 ft).

See the blueprints.

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