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July 9. 2006


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Photos: Theater, August 2004

Fifteen seats and a Barco Data 801s on the ceiling Bigger image (80.2 KB) I've upgraded my theater seats from 12 to 15. Also the Barco Data 801s CRT projector has been moved from the table installation to the ceiling installation.

All fifteen seats. Bigger image (99.8 KB) All fifteen seats on a three row. The rows are uneven for a reason - no ones head won't be on a front of another. Anyway, that shouldn't be a problem, because every row is about 25cm above the other.

Barco Data 801s Bigger image (46.3 KB) Thats my Barco Data 801s CRT projector. At last it's where it belongs - away from the floor!
There is no doubt - that mount will hold the beast. It should be able to hold about a metric ton of weight. One could ask how so sure about that? It's easy, I'll explain.
There goes six 8mm thread bars through the ceiling above the supports. Also there is 12mm plywood on the top of the supports and all thread bars has washers and nuts to lock the mount into place. Also the thread bars with nuts are quite easy to adjust the height of the mount if needed.

Barco close-up. Bigger image (40.6 KB) Barco close-up.

The theater in action Bigger image (45.7 KB)

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