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July 9. 2006


Nyt voit vuokrata Navetoriumin kaikkine palveluineen!

Lisätietoja: http://navetorium.fi

Photos: Theater, May 2006

Movie theater Bigger image (76 KB) This is how my movie theater looks today. Notice four rows of seats, 21 in total.

Movie theater Bigger image (75 KB) Another angle. Notice the Terminator painting on the left.

Bigger image (74 KB)
Terminator painting on the wall. Made by my friend, Jani Mykkänen, with an airbrush.

Bigger image (37 KB) Electrohome Marquee 7500 (8110 in North America) CRT projector.
Also notice the little one in front of Marquee, Epson LCD projector for static Powerpoint presentations. One could say that there is a slight difference in size and weight...

Bigger image (124 KB)
Terrace is being built to the outside of my theater complex. Some discussions are being held about the structure.

Bigger image (62 KB)
Working like a madman.

Bigger image (111 KB)
...Still working.

Bigger image (116 KB)

Bigger image (128 KB)
Terrace is finished and this is how the whole complex looks from the outside. A typical Finnish countryside view...

Page updated: July 07, 2006

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