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July 9. 2006


Nyt voit vuokrata Navetoriumin kaikkine palveluineen!

Lisätietoja: http://navetorium.fi

Photos: Theater, November 2002

Overview Bigger image (48.3 KB)
Even Bigger image (86.9 KB)
Theater overview.
(photo taken with a HQ camera)

Overview Bigger image (35.3 KB)
Even Bigger image (72.0 KB)
Theater overview - Reverse angle. Notice the luminance lines on each stairs.
(photo taken with a HQ camera)

Seats Bigger image (35.3 KB)
Even Bigger image (80.8 KB)
Closeup of the seats.
(photo taken with a HQ camera)

Seats Bigger image (45.1 KB) Closeup of the seats - with a flash. Reverse angle.

Seats Bigger image (35.2 KB) ... and again.

Left Wall Bigger image (37.8 KB) Left wall. Original Dolby Digital EX poster.

Left corner Bigger image (42.7 KB) Left corner.

Screen Bigger image (33.1 KB) Screen measurements are, width: 300cm and height: 225cm, which is approx. 120 inch wide or 150 inch diagonal. The frame is Screen Line 10cm wide aluminium frame, painted matte black. Luminous screen is Bianco Ice, with 150 degree viewing angle and the gain is 1.2.

Right corner Bigger image (43.8 KB) Right corner.

Dimmed view Bigger image (15.3 KB) Seating area with lights dimmed.

Bass trap Bigger image (27.4 KB) That's a bass trap in the right hand corner behind the seats. It's filled with insulation and the surface is acoustic panel, 15mm thick matte black Sombra. There is over 2 m³ of glass wool inside that "box".

Behind the screen Bigger image (35.2 KB) That's what it looks like behind the screen. Those 2 boxes are subwoofers.

Subwoofer Bigger image (35.2 KB) One of two PA subwoofers. Thanks to Anssi Kippo, for lending these subs for me. These subs has two 18 inch woofers and amplifiers with total of 3000 wats of power. Unfortunately, these subs are designed to deliver a shitload of bass above 35 hertz, so they are not so good in movies. But trust me, these babies delivers insane amount of pure power, which can be felt in your body and seats and all over the theater. This is a true story:
My neighbour, who by the way lives about 300 meters (about 1000ft) away from me, came one day to my theater and asked something like this: "Did you watched some movies a day before yesterday evening?" I said: "Yeah..." Then he resumed: "Well, we went sleeping and our vent window was open and we tought that a storm was approaching. We heard a deep heavy rumble, like heavy lightning storm far away, but the sky was clear blue..." I said to him, a little shamed: "Well, I WAS watching T2: Judgment Day, at that evening..."

Subwoofer amps Bigger image (67.2 KB) Subwoofer amps. This rack weighs about 100kg! 3000 wats of power does not come from nowhere.

Genelec 1030 Bigger image (51.1 KB) Genelec 1030 active studio monitor. I have 5 of these monitors. Thanks to Vesa Kylmälä for lending me these babies.

Seleco 350 Bigger image (43.3 KB) Seleco 350 pushed to it's limits. And over. ;)
Unfortunately it's a video grade projector and can't handle any higher grade signals like progressive, doubled, tripled and so on. I'm planning on buying a Barco 808 or similar PJ in a near future, but there is a usual and common problem: Lack of funds.

Equipments Bigger image (41.3 KB) This is not quite finished yet. As you can see, the maintenance hatch for the cables is undone and the equipment rack is being planned. Also I do not have any decent shelves for the movies yet.

Darth Vader Bigger image (64.3 KB) "May the Force be with this theater."

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