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July 9. 2006


Nyt voit vuokrata Navetoriumin kaikkine palveluineen!

Lisätietoja: http://navetorium.fi

Photos: Theater, October 2003

Theater seats Bigger image (21.9 KB) The lighting looks awesome in this picture.

Overview Bigger image (27.6 KB)

Overview Bigger image (31.6 KB)

The screen Bigger image (17.9 KB) Theater in action.

Commercial break Bigger image (23.2 KB) Commercial break!

Equipment rack Bigger image (48.9 KB) DIY stuff. That's my almost finished, new equipment rack.

Super best friends Bigger image (22.6 KB) Super best friends?

Stop for the sunset Bigger image (26.0 KB) Now, this picture is totally off-topic, but it's just so good looking sunset. Taken by Vesku, near my home.

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