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July 9. 2006


Nyt voit vuokrata Navetoriumin kaikkine palveluineen!

Lisätietoja: http://navetorium.fi

Photos: Theater, October 2005

My movie theater Bigger image (71 KB) This is how my movie theater looks today. The dominant feature is the "Torus" -shaped screen, which curves both horizontally and vertically. The measurements are 402cm (158in) wide and 218cm (86in) high. Screen fabric is Vutec PearlBrite with a gain of 3.1 and it delivers a stunning image. If someone asks about the size of the screen, I usually say "It's about nine square meters..." :D

My movie theater Bigger image (63 KB) The seats, all 15 of them.

Notice the Terminator, which is still under construction. My friend, Jani Mykkänen, creates it with an airbrush and he's dedication to perfection is something out of this world.
Notice that the image is on two walls, the endoskeleton is on the other and it's "Westinghouse M25 Phased Plasma Rifle at 40 megawatt range" on the other. The Terminator is currently changing quite hugely from this photo, some colors are being added, so it's not going to be left as black-and-white image. In the real life, this image is really, really stunning.

More about this issue is going to be posted, once it's been fully made, so stay tuned...

Torus screen Bigger image (32 KB) The almighty TORUS -screen.

Notice the horizontal and vertical curves. Isn't it a beauty?

Bar Mad Cow Bigger image (88 KB) Bar Mad Cow.

This is the place for some stress relief. A movie, sauna and some beers afterwards, need I say more..?

Sauna Bigger image (58 KB) Sauna for upto six people at the same time.

Five channel audio system with Dolby Digital and DTS capability.

Notice the window, with a view directly to theater. Think about it: a hockey game, some beers and sauna - all at the same time!

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