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July 9. 2006


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DVDFREAX - A Movie Theater in a cow shed

The Theater Welcome to the MOOO, MOOO, MOOOVIES!

You might have seen some hometheaters but I'm casinoroom quite sure, you have not seen anything like this. This hometheater is not at home, it's inside the attic of an old cow shed! And no, there isn't any cows anymore, infact, there has not been any cows since 1984. OK. You may stop laughing now, this is true.

My hometheater's dimensions are:
Width (approx): 9 meters (30 ft)
Length (approx): 11 meters (37 ft)
Height (approx): Between 1,6 meters (5,3 ft) to 3,1 meters (10,3 ft)
Take a look into my theater

Enjoy your visit!

Timo Sipari
Site Admin


The Beginning I had my enlightenment during our DVD Weekend, summer of 2000. My friend, Vesa Kylmälä, said to me: "Why won't you build a REAL home theater to the attic of that old cow shed?".
That was it. I had it! Finally someone had said it loud and clear. My weird idea wasn't that weird after all. The project started May 26th, 2001. First phase was to get rid of all the junk, stored at the attic. Fortunately, I have a few friends, a real movies enthusiats, who helped me to do the hard labor of moving out all kinds of useless crap.


Construction Construction phase started as early as June 11th, 2001.

There is also quite many construction photos, starting from the beginning of construction.

The Theater

The Theater The premiere was held on July 12th, 2002, but the theater was not completely finished. After building my theater, I needed some, one could say "accessories", like a Sauna (hey! I'm a Finn!), showers, toilet, lobby and one of the most important thing, a bar. Those are now built and in heavy use. Also, therefore, I'm a quite happy man now! :)

Take a look in to my theater.

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